Season 1, Episode 10: Y2K


"We have to do something about the Millennium Bug." -Dilbert
"The Millennium Bug. Are you telling me that Han Solo's ship is here?" -the boss
"That's the Millennium Falcon." -Dilbert

"Me? Why is it up to me?" -Dilbert
"Because you brought it up." -Wally
"You know the rules: he who complains is assigned to fix it." -Alice

"You would have made a great evil mastermind." -Dilbert
"Nah, the hours are too long." -Wally


Written by Andrew Borakove and Rachel Powell and Scott Adams and Larry Charles, Directed by Jennifer Graves, Bob Hathcock, Andi Thom

Starring Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, Jackie Hoffman. Also starring Tom Kenny, Jim Wise, Gary Kroeger, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille. Special Guest Star Jason Alexander (as Catbert).