Season 1, Episode 11: Charity


"Everybody who donates will get one of these colorful, stylish I-get-to-keep-my-job T-shirts. Of course participation is completely 100% voluntary." -the boss

"You don't even know where the money goes." -Dilbert
"I don't know where pudding comes from, but I still eat it." -Wally
"That is such a bad analogy." -Dilbert
"Thank you, Wally, now I can never eat pudding again." -Alice

"It seems to me that this whole charity concept is nothing but an exercise in the redistribution of guilt." -Dilbert

"Homeless Depot, now in two convenient locations, our original location at 11233 Skid Row, and visit our newest Homeless Depot at 475 and a half, that dangerous area of that abandoned waterfront area, down there." -announcer


Written by Stephen Sustarsic & David Silvermand & Scott Adams & Larry Charles, Directed by Christopher Dozois

Starring Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, Jackie Hoffman. Also starring Tom Kenny, Gary Kroeger, Tress MacNeille, Jim Wise.