Season 1, Episode 2: The Competition


"Next on Channel 7: America's Favorite Media-Generated Disasters!" -announcer

"The rumor is, they treat you like a human being, and I would love to be treated like a human being... just once!" -Loud Howard

"I nailed this one trying to escape." -Leonard
"What? Since when is leaving your cubical to use the bathroom escaping?" -Dilbert
"Since 2:30 this afternoon." -Boss

"Why is the news always the same as the miniseries that was just on? What are the odds of that?" -Dilbert
"There are some things you're not meant to know." -Dogbert

"You have entered a no merriment zone. Discontinue your job satisfaction now." -announcer


Written by Ned Goldreyer, Directed by Seth Kearsley

Starring Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, Jackie Hoffman. Also starring Tom Kenny, Gary Kroeger, Tress MacNeille, Billy West, Jim Wise.