Season 1, Episode 3: The Prototype


"I don't want to de-prune people, I want to make the world a better place to live in." -Dilbert

"We will not only build a better prototype, we will build it upon the crushed bones and torn flesh of Dilbert!" -Lena

"Team Lena is going down!" -Alice
"Must one person's triumph be another person's humiliation?" -Dilbert
"Of course." -Alice

"She's making me think of sex at the same time I see you naked. Now I've got Dilbert and sex in the same part of my brain! Ow ow ow! Get it out! You made this happen. You made me think of Dilbert and sex at the same time!" -Alice
"You've ruined sex for me forever!" -Loud Howard
"I'm starting to be insulted." -Dilbert


Written by Jeff Kahn, Directed by Alfred Gimeno.

Starring Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, Jackie Hoffman. Also starring Tom Kenny, Gary Kroeger, Maurice Lamarche, Tress MacNeille, Billy West, Jim Wise.