Season 2, Episode 10: The Assistant

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Aired: Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Rating: 0.9

Written by Mark Steen & Ron Nelson and Larry Charles & Scott Adams
Directed by Gloria Jenkins & Declan M. Moran

Daniel Stern
Chris Elliott
Larry Miller
Gordon Hunt
Jackie Hoffman
Also starring
Andy Dick as the assistant
Jason Alexander as Catbert
Tom Green


Dilbert: "You seem to be doing well. What kind of drugs are you dealing?"

Dilbert: "You can't violate the law just because you know you won't get caught."
Dogbert: "Trust me, that's the best time."

Alice to the boss: "When you lie, you're bald."

Boss: "How do you like being a manager?"
Dilbert: "Well, I accomplished nothing except toying with the lives of innocent people for my own amusement."
Boss: "That's my favorite part too."

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