Season 2, Episode 4: The Trial

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Rating: 1.2


Written by Joe Wiseman & Joe Port, Directed by Chris Dozois

Starring Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, Jackie Hoffman

Also starring Tom Kenny, Tress MacNeille, Gary Kroeger, Jim Wise


Tape: "We will enable timely knowledge-based decision making based on real-time information by implementing an enterprise resource management system."
Boss: "We will entangle timid college-based precision markets based on full-time refudiation by instigating a something something whatever."
Tape: "Very good."
Boss: "Really? Wow. I thought I missed a word."

Vince: "Alice, you are like the fresh dew on a morning flower. My heart yearns for you, your soft skin, your triangle hair, your lips like two tiny sausages stacked upon eachother...."

Tape: "The disconnects between gross margin and leverage will be harnessed for commercial ventures."
Boss: "The discotechs between gross margarin and beverages will be harmless to your dentures."

Wally: "I can't work too hard. I almost gave blood today."

Dilbert: "Driving without blood is surprisingly difficult."

Dilmom: "Did you know that I'm the only one in my bridge club with a son on death row?"

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