Season 2, Episode 5: The Dupey

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Rating: 1.6/2


Written by Larry Charles & Scott Adams, Directed by Michael Goguen

Starring Daniel Stern, Larry Miller, Gordon Hunt, Jackie Hoffman

Also starring Christopher Guest


"I've got a little a surprise for you." -the boss
"Uh oh." -Dilbert
"I don't like surprises. Nothing good can come from this." -Alice
"My desire for spontaneity has not been ground into dust yet. I still like a surprise." -the intern

"Remember, if your parents don't buy you a dupey every week, they're only pretending to love you." -the dupeys

"We're relaunching the dupey product line next week as a pizza topping." -the boss
"You can't do that. The dupeys are sentient beings." -Dilbert
"If by sentient, you mean good eatin', I think we're on the same page." -the boss

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